Another Men’s Self-Help Group in Rural India

Gaurav Satle : February 14, 2018 11:07 am : Crime Against Men, News Articles

With increasing married men suffering from domestic abuse at home, a growing number of men (married or unmarried) getting victimised by frivolous complaints by women, and a huge lack of grievance redressal cells or support from government authories, there is a surge of men’s rights groups in India or registered NGOs willing to work for men’s issues.

Many of them offer free support to men while a few see this as opportunity to make some quick bucks. Whatever their objectives, one can’t deny the growing need for gender neutral laws, strong misuse clause and necessity of state, central & local government bodies & bureaucrats to desist their anti-male stance and come up with solutions that aren’t gynocentric or plainly populist.

With this lack of attention or empathy for their growing concerns, men feel unheard and look for forums to share their pain & help others.

One such group of men from a very remote rural place called as Janjgir in Champa district of Chattisgarh state saw an opportunity to reach out to other men at an agro-tech fair held at the village.

They set up a stall called Purush Sahayta Kendra, which seems to be a registered NGO.

Although the theme or aim of the stall was not at all closely related to agriculture or related technology, the stall got overwhelming response from participants of the fair. Many men flocked around it curiously and several thousands of them registered themselves as members. As per this news clip, more than 5000 men registered themselves in a span of two days.

The group seemed to show some infographics on male suicides – the rate of which is nearly twice of that of women as per National Crime Records Bureau.

Although men may seem to flocked together in efforts to devise solutions to their problems, increasing male suicides, more amongst married men, suggest that these symbolic efforts aren’t enough.

Below is the news video which is now also viral over social media.

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Cancer Hits More Women In India Than Men, But More Men Die Of It

Gaurav Satle : January 11, 2018 9:51 am : Men's Health, News Articles

Doctor’s Say Women Get Greater Medical attention, So Detection Is Early.

The WHO developed statistical tool Globecan2012 shows that the BigC has affected more Indian women than men. But more Indian men die of cancer than women said the World Cancer Report 2014.

The mortality rate of men suffering from cancer is around 75% as compared to approx 60% in women.

This gender bias in cancer research is noticable. Women are subjected to more medical attention in their lifespan, allowing cancers to be picked early, hence increasing their lifespan. This was concluded by doctors from Chandigarh’s Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education Research (PGI-MER). Men, don’t get regularly screened for cancer. They get screened for it mostly after symptoms are strong. By then it’s too late for them to be saved.

Below are a few reasons why men die more from Cancer as compared to women:

  1. Estrogen, the female sex hormones, protects the women against cardiovascular disease and cancer. It increases the chances of survival in women. Men, as they don’t secret this hormone, lose out on this advantage that women have.
  2. “From antenatal checkup, menupause problems to menstrual disorders, women get investigated and, by default, get screened for cancer. Therefore cancers are picked up at an earlier stage and mortality is less.”, says Dr Rakesh Kapoor, Department of Radiotherapy, PGI-MER. On similar lines, Dr Rajesh Dixit, professor of epidemiology at the Centre of Cancer Epidemiology, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai also notes that there is no screening for cancer in men.
  3. Most national policies for cancer are directed more towards cancers that hit women, such as breast cancer and cervical cancer, as they are non-invasive. Men, like in all other domains, are deprived in the health sector too. There is a huge absence of dedicated policies for men’s health as opposed to that of women.
  4. Men have prolonged exposures to life-style risk factors that cause cancer such as tobacco use, substance abuse and alcohol consumption.
  5. Funds raised by NGOs, those allocated for cancer research in women are also much higher for cancer in women as compared to cancer in men. This directly translates into quicker breakthroughs for cancer detection & cure in women as compared to men.

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