Rape in moving train proved to be false, girl admits she lied in her complaint

Fajilka/Ranchi: A rape complaint lodged by a Ranchi girl at a local police station was proved to be false in the court. The girl admitted jeet falsity in her CrPC 161 statements before the court.

The girl had physical relationships with her friend while she visited her home at Fajilka in Punjab on a vacation to which her sister objected. She then cooked up fabricated story of being raped in a moving train during her journey from Muri to Ranchi. She had attempted suicide by consuming poison but was unsuccessful. The matter was then handed over to SIT for investigation. When tried under the law at a local court, the charges were found to be outrightly false.

She admitted before the magistrate that she lied of being raped in train. Medical reports, statements recorded from other travelers and her body language at destination station proved otherwise.


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