#falserape Bombay HC Quashes Criminal Complaint Registered Under Rape, As Complainant Was “Confused” [Read Order] | Live Law


Speaking to LiveLaw earlier, prominent women’s rights lawyer Flavia Agnes had cautioned against painting all rape cases with the same brush, she said- “After the 2013 amendment in the law, rape cases are filed by the police based on a complaint by the victim. There is tremendous pressure on the victim in such cases. We have to understand these cases in a nuanced manner, it cannot be simply said that girls are filing false cases.” Nonetheless, the problem persists. One of the interesting aspects about such cases has been pointed in the earlier petition. There is prayer in the petition for allowing recording of statements in the preferred language of the complainant, which can be in Hindi or English, apart from Marathi because many a times the problem lies in the miscommunication that occurs between the complainant and the police personnel recording the statement due to a language barrier.

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