#crimebywomen Delhi Metro pickpocketing: Delhi Metro: 91% pickpockets held by CISF are women


Women constitute over 91% of pickpockets apprehended by the CISF in the Delhi Metro network

The CISF apprehended a total of 479 pickpockets, out of which an overwhelming 438 were women

Last year, 93% of the total number of pickpockets apprehended in the Delhi Metro were women

Continuing the trend witnessed over the past few years, women constitute over 91 per cent of pickpockets apprehended by the CISF in the Delhi Metro network in the national capital region.
The force, that is tasked to provide armed security to Delhi Metro operations, apprehended a total of 479 pickpockets, out of which an overwhelming 438 were women, according to official data.
The full-year data, updated till the middle of December, states that the security force undertook a little over 100 operations to check pickpocketing in the rapid rail lifeline of Delhi and its adjoining areas, that carries an estimated 26 lakh commuters every day.
The overwhelming number of women indulging in these crimes has shown a constant trend over the last few years and the Central Industrial Security Force, after apprehending these women, hands them over to the Delhi Police for legal action under law.
Recently, the CISF had unearthed a notorious gang of such women who had robbed a US-based Indian lady of her jewels and valuables while she was travelling in the Delhi Metro with her husband.
“The figures state that women constitute over 91 per cent (of the total pickpockets) in pickpocketing crimes in the Delhi Metro.
“It has been found that the modus operandi of these women is to either carry a child or travel in a group to con and pick a purse or other valuables of a traveller, be it a man or a woman,” a senior official said.
In order to check these crimes, the force regularly undertakes special operations and deploys women and men personnel in plain-clothes to keep an eye on trouble makers.
Last year, 93 per cent of the total number of pickpockets apprehended by the CISF in the Delhi Metro were women.
In 2014, over 300 women were intercepted for these crimes making them about 94 per cent of those held, while in 2013, of the total 466 pickpockets held across various stations of the Delhi Metro, 421 were women and the rest were men.
This year, during the same time period till mid-December, the force also found 106 missing children and handed them over to their guardians or the station controlling authorities.

Women constitute to a lot of crime and corruption in the country.

Gone are the days when majority of criminals were from the male gender. Times have changed and the criminals or thieves have become smarter. They now know that wrong doings by  women are easily forgiven and such criminal women are easily forgotten. Hence the number of criminal women are increasing at exponential rates. In fact as the report suggests, women have become masters at certain crimes like theft and pick-pocketing.Generally talking, these days one shouldn’t be surprised if one finds a ‘wrong’ woman or a ‘wronged-man’.

Importantly criminals need to be prosecuted regardless of their gender. Let’s not be lenient or sympathetic towards a criminal woman. Our safe-corners for woman will breed more and bigger criminals.

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