For 500 Rupees, This Woman Almost Destroyed A Cab Driver’s Life. Here’s How The Truth Saved Him

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Upon medical examination, S (name changed) was found with bruises all over her body.  She cried rape and we all believed it.
S (name changed) booked a cab, and in the next few hours , accused her driver of including forced oral sex and intercourse.
In the months after noise over the Uber rape reached a fever pitch, any reports of attacks on women were believed at face value. 38-year-old Ramesh Kumar faced one such allegation. Ramesh, who hails from a village on the outskirts of Delhi, has been a driver for almost a decade now. As far our research could find, he’s not been accused of a single assault on women.
It was only six months later that Ramesh was officially NOT a rapist, formally acquitted after his life almost fell apart. Medical as well as forensic evidence have established that there was no rape committed upon the woman.
Credits and Source: Indiatimes

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