Opinion: Why Supreme Court’s Direction to States, UTs to upload FIRs in Websites within 24 hrs is welcome?

​With this Supreme Court order to make an FIR public, many falsely accused will be  immensely helped.

SIFONE Counsellors or counsellors of Men’s Helpline Number: 8882498498 know well the plight of those accused in false dowry, rape, domestic violence cases well.

IPC498a and DP Act (Anti-Dowry Laws) are notoriously infamous and known to be more misused than used.

There have been alarms from governments, police and upper courts that the rape laws also have a higher misuse percentage – figures ranging from 52% to 74% misused – than being availed in genuine rape cases.

The conviction rate in domestic violence cases is around an abysmal 1%, leaving no doubt that this too is used just for the monetary benefits it offers to the false complainant.

Clearly there are many accused in these cases who are innocent beyond reasonable doubts, but find themselves trapped in these complaints and cases.

They often have to run around to get anticipatory bail and waste their invaluable time and hard earned precious money to ensure their constitutional freedom isn’t stolen away and their dignity and self respect isn’t lost.

Many in the process lose their respectful jobs.

Those stuck in such rut often don’t know who in their family require a anticipatory bail and face a lot of harrasment, not only by the false complaint and the complainant but also due four other primary reasons:

– the unhelpful attitude of policemen who anticipate some bribes.

– the least helpful attitude of advocates who eye some quick bucks.

– the complete system which is staked against them and it requires them to get a bail (IPC498a, which enters a broken marriage by default is also non-bailable) and a court magistrate’s permission is required).

– last but not the least their own lack of awareness of laws (mostly all unaware and ignorant until reality bites them and they get a taste of a false complaint).
At times they helplessly apply for anticipatory bail for their family members who aren’t even accused, just to be safe and secure, even when it’s not actually needed. Their precious money and savings are officially and legally sucked out by the leeches and parasites of our society.

Some file RTIs to get a copy of FIR only to be dodged time and again.

This order and direction from Supreme Court couldn’t have been more helpful and more welcome!

I leave you with the original order from Supreme Court which you can read here. 

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