Custody battle turns ugly! Man thrashed by ex’s father in Navi Mumbai

​By Shailesh Bhatia | Posted 31-Aug-2016

Mid Day
Krishna claims that as he attempted to meet his two children in ex-wife’s custody, four unknown men assaulted him at the behest of his father-in-law

Even as Ravipati Venkata Murali Krishna’s marriage went south — he separated in 2012 and filed for divorce in 2014 — his only ray of hope has been his two children. But last Sunday, that too turned foul. Following the 2015 sessions court order that grants him independent access to his boy and girl every Sunday between noon and 6 pm, Krishna flew in from the US, where he works at Oracle, for the usual designated meeting. However, he was in for a rude shock when his estranged wife’s father unleashed four goons on him who beat him black and blue.

Bruises and injuries to Krishna’s back and left leg

As per the original report, mid-day was in possession of the photographic evidence, the court order and the medical report that states Krishna has incurred blunt trauma to the head, shoulder and testicles, along with contusions on the left side of his neck and the right leg.

The Medical Report

Relocated for kids

Krishna, an alumnus of IIT-Khadakpur, had been based in the US for over 20 years. In accordance with the court orders, he has been visiting his children every other month since 2015. “I have spent all my savings to meet the children every two months so that they don’t forget their father. But after waiting for hours at a public place, I could never spend more than a couple of moments with them, that too, never alone, and always in a volatile environment,” claimed Krishna. To that end, he recently decided to relocate to India. He added, “My two children are facing the brunt of my marital discord.”

Last Sunday, when he visited his wife’s home in Koparkhairane, the alleged assault took place. He claims that upon seeing him, his wife started shouting and was later joined by her father Ashwin Kumar Singh, who threatened to teach him a lesson.

“Ashwin then called in four men and locked the door. Immediately, one of them started hitting me. I tried to run away, but one was guarding the door and other three and her father pounced on me. They even strangled me as they were kicking me and saying ‘Isko aaj yehi khatam kardenge’,” Krishna alleged.

It was only after Krishna texted a friend and proclaimed that the cops were on their way that they let Krishna go. After the assault, at about 3.30 pm, he went to the Koparkhairane police station to get a non-cognisable offence filed. The police then wrote him a slip to go to a Navi Mumbai government hospital to get treated.

The other side

When mid-day contacted Singh, his wife Shanti answered the phone and said her husband was unavailable. Denying the allegation against her husband, she in fact accused Krishna of trying to strangulate their daughter. “I was the one who called the police when my daughter was assaulted. And this is not the first time this has happened,” she claimed.

Cop speak

Hemant Nagrale, police commissioner for Navi Mumbai, stated that the NC was filed on prima facie evidence. “I have asked Krishna to approach the DCP for further investigation. I have also asked him to approach the court if its orders have been violated,” he said.
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