Grand-daughter-in-law directed to evacuate grandfather’s home

Kanpur: District authorities have been directed by the high court to ensure that a grand-daughter-in-law, who subjected her grandfather-in-law (86) and grandmother-in-law (82) to cruelty and who forcibly entered and occupied their house after the death of their children, evacuates the said property of the senior citizens within 3 days, reports leading daily ‘Amar Ujala’.

It was proven that the young grand-daughter-in-law, who along with her husband or the grandson, had a home of her own, forced herself in to the said house of the senior citizens, eyeing their property and subjected them to cruelty and frequent harassment.

It was for the first time an order was passed under  माता-पिता और वरिष्ठ नागरिकों का भरण-पोषण तथा कल्याण अधिनियम-2007 or Senior Citizen’s Maintenance and Welfare Act 2007

The grandson and grand-daughter-in-law were also directed to pass a monthly maintenance towards the welfare of their grandfather and grandmother.
What is this Act?

The legal counsel of the senior citizens Shivakant Dixit told Amar Ujala that as per the Senior Citizen’s Maintenance and Welfare Act 2007:

1. Any citizen over the age of 60 years is considered to be a senior citizen.

2. As per the provisions of the act, a son, daughter, grandson and granddaughter need to take care of such senior citizens.

3. If a senior citizen have any children or descendants, then the people who claim right to their property and legally binded to take care of them.

4. If any son-daughter, grandson-granddaughter are not taking care of the senior citizens, then the local SDM can pass an order of maintenance of upto Rs10000 against such descendants and in favour of such senior citizens.

5. Anyone not following such orders can be subjected to three months of imprisonment or a fine of upto Rs5000 or both.

6. If a senior citizen transfers his property rights to a legal heir and if such a legal heir are found to be not taking care of such senior citizen, then the transfer deed of the said property becomes null and void.

7. For getting relief under this act, senior citizens may apply at the local SDM office. They may also choose to go to courts.

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