Explanation to images Indiatimes had withdrawn

Indiatimes had quite a rare celebration of International Men’s Day with few images describing how laws are against men. As expected they had to pull down those images after feminists like Kavita Krishnan campaigned against them.

The statements in those weren’t given by MRAs, but this article is to put in perspective what Men’s Rights Activists stand for, because Kavita in her statement has tried to paint Men’s Rights Activists with her own prejudiced outlook for them.

Men’s Rights Activists are trying to raise awareness about men’s issues related to their well-being including mental and physical health. We attempt to reduce the overwhelmingly high and avoidable unnatural deaths of men due to suicides, diseases and accidents. When we speak about gender equality, all roles, rights, responsibilities have to be equitably distributed. Women’s Rights Activists are fighting to liberate women from the role of caretakers in patriarchy and Men’s Rights Activists are trying to liberate men from their patriarchal roles of protectors/providers.

In the patriarchal set-up, role of providers/protectors puts a lot of stress on men. The false sense of machoism that men have to cloak is a legacy of the patriarchal system. It blocks men from seeking emotional support when they need it, for the fear of being labeled as weak. Patriarchy stops men from seeking help when they face domestic or sexual abuse. Men’s Rights Activists are fighting to break these stereotypes, so that men begin to extend their hands and seek support instead of stressing themselves to death or taking the extreme step of suicide.




The number of married men committing suicide is twice that of the number of married women committing suicide. We, at Vaastav Foundation, co-authored by a PhD scholar and myself, conducted a study on the suicide data of the past 50 years from NCRB. http://vaastav.org/in-news/press-release/  Our study found that for 24% cases of men committing suicide, the reason is ‘Family issues’, in 23% of cases it is ‘Illnesses’. Financial trouble is just prevalent in 2% of the cases of suicide of men, yet the perception is that men commit suicide due to economic reasons. In the year 2014, 59774 married men committed suicide, which means every 9 minutes one married man commits suicide.


This is an issue that needs to be urgently addressed in the context of mental health of men. It is unfathomable, why feminists should have any problem whatsoever for men highlighting this issue on Men’s Day. What is anti-woman about a statement that men are committing suicides in alarming proportions?



There have been studies which say about 70% of rape cases filed in India are ‘vengeance complaints’ According to a study by ‘The Hindu’, it is found that in 40% of the cases, parents of the female file a case of rape against the man, when a couple elopes for marriage. http://www.thehindu.com/data/the-many-shades-of-rape-cases-in-delhi/article6261042.ece
30% of rape cases were that of woman filing a rape case on her partner for ‘sexual intercourse at the false promise of marriage’. This is generally found when a relationship breaks down. Most of such cases end up in settlement through money. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/Failed-live-in-relationships-leading-to-rape-cases/articleshow/49312337.cms
Courts have repeatedly mentioned that these kind of cases drive away the seriousness from genuine rape cases too and need to be curbed. The conviction rate stands at an abysmal 24%, which means close to 76% of rape cases could not be proven true.


The statistic of 53.2% of rape cases being false has been admitted by the Delhi State Commission for Women itself. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/false-rape-cases-in-delhi-delhi-commission-of-women/1/409320.html The reason why the feminists are now having an issue with this statistic, can only be explained by them.





IPC 354 now has sub section A, B, C, D which deal with Crimes against Women such as groping, molestation, stalking, voyeurism. The process of filing these non-bailable cases is that female complainant has to give description of the incident and the perpetrator is immediately arrested. We have had cases of molestation/ stalking filed for the most frivolous of incidents. In Jasleen Kaur vs. Sarvjeet case which was quite well highlighted in the media until the truth came out, a traffic argument was filed as a case of molestation. In a famous case of Chate coaching classes owner having a heated argument with a woman, a molestation case was registered. An ex-girlfriend files a case against a famous industrialist for holding her arm in an argument, as molestation. A famous singer/ organizer of a festival function is charged with molestation when he taps on the shoulder of a woman and asks her to not obstruct other audiences view. He has to go through the trial inspite of having evidence of what happened having been captured, in a CCTV recording.
How then is this image any way wrong? These have been well reported in the media. In Rohtak Sisters case, the girls who actually assaulted boys were hailed as bravehearts until the women of the village stood up for the boys. The boys careers stand ruined as Indian Army has not allowed them to take exams. Irrespective of the side you take of the gender divide, real criminals should get punished, similarly irrespective of whether you are a women’s or a men’s rights activist, false accusers should be punished too and no innocent should be unnecessarily be troubled due to false cases.




The figure ‘98% of cases filed under Sec 498a are false’ comes from a study done by Centre for Social Research in 2005. The report says “Out of 100 cases that are ordered for investigation under 498A, only in 2 cases does the accused get convicted.” https://www.worldpulse.com/sites/default/files/post/5246/10858/post_document/950e0c8b7f886ed9aa9b5e510f0175df/csr_report_summary.pdf The statement is based upon the arguable premise, that a case which does not turn in conviction is considered false, which is either filed to ‘pressurize’ the husband to settle or just in vengeance to get husband and his family arrested.


Even a two month old baby has been charged with dowry harassment in Mumbai. Seniors citizens, children, relatives, neighbours of men, all have borne brunt of false 498a cases, 90% out of which on a yearly basis end up in either quashed/withdrawn cases or acquittals. Supreme court has termed this as ‘legal terrorism’, commissions after commissions have asked for amendment in this law as many lives have been extinguished due to the sheer misuse of this law. Anybody denying this fact is just not being truthful enough, whatever the percentage of false cases be considered. Inspite of SC guidelines, a quarter million people were arrested even in 2014 under this law. Certainly more is expected in this regard, of the people calling themselves champions of human rights.





Often court rooms have witnessed cases where in the petition the woman asks for custody of the child, but confesses in trial that no issue has been born out of the wedlock. The lawyer just forgot to erase the section demanding child custody from the template from where he copied the petition. The brother of husband is charged with molestation case, but upon a bit questioning it is found that there is no brother of the husband in existence. Sometimes dates are mentioned of abuse, those dates when the couple had not even met yet, forget being married. Abuse by father-in-law is alleged, where the father of the man had died during the husband’s childhood.


It doesn’t require much intelligence to understand that many times, the complaints are a template and only names/ dates are changed. This also means that allegations which suit the prosecution are slipped in, but could be completely false.



Frankly, 98% of cases being fake is less if the number of convictions is considered with respect to the no. of cases registered. According to this report in Deccan Herald, the Women and Child Development Minister admitted in parliament that a total of just 8 cases resulted in conviction out of a whopping 19539 cases registered in the year 2009 and 2010 together. http://m.deccanherald.com/content/296671/low-conviction-rate-domestic-violence.html/ Just calculate the percentage of cases that result in withdrawal or acquittal. This figure of false cases, is not just for a couple years, the story is the same year on year.



Talking about Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act 2005, the law is so vaguely worded, even former Attorney General Soli Sorabjee had rightfully predicted when it was being introduced, that it would become a paradise for lawyers and a nightmare for enforcement authorities. http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/domestic-violence/15595/1 Women and Child Development Minister Renuka Chaudhary had said, we should get the law first, if it is being misused then we could change it. 10 years down the line there is no mention about changing it anywhere inspite of courts calling the bluff of women misusing it at many instances. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/madurai/Court-warns-woman-against-misuse-of-Domestic-Violence-Act/articleshow/47728443.cms
MRAs are asking, if this law is so good, why not extend it to men as well? The only change required is to make it gender neutral in all its aspects. Lets be secular, gender equal in the real sense and have this law named as Protection Against Domestic Violence Act for all three genders.





What happens if the wife uses a loosely worded vague law which punishes husband for confining wife inside house? Adultery is impossible to prove until there is photographic evidence in compromising position of the wife and her paramour. How does the husband prove that wife was going to meet her paramour so he tried to stop her? On the other hand, if husband is not able to have photographic evidence of his wife and paramour in compromising position then alleging such a thing is also cruelty. We have cases where husband continues the marriage with an adulterous wife only for the love of the child, lest it would be taken away from him on separation.





IPC 497 clearly states that only the paramour of the wife can be punished under this adultery law. The wife cannot be charged for punishment inspite of being proved in court of law that she was in an adulterous relationship. http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/women-cant-be-prosecuted-for-adultery-supreme-court/article2687318.ece We have never seen feminists fight to get punishment included for women too or any change in this law.


International Men’s Day is not just about appreciating men, but also making men aware of the toll their roles as ‘protectors/providers’ takes on them and liberating them from patriarchal bondages. It is about helping men to follow their passions without being shackled to their roles of providers. It is about creating awareness among men to focus upon their health. Men’s Rights Groups organize cycle rallies and participate in marathons encouraging men to focus on their health, conduct blood donation and medical camps to create awareness about diseases, arrange vehicular PUC check-ups and bike rallies creating awareness about road safety. Men and women in Men’s Rights Groups are doing all this and much more that self-funded models can allow them to do. Name calling by feminists like Kavita Krishnan and her ilk, is only going to prove self-defeating for them.


Some issues of men’s rights activism are covered in this TEDx Talk:

Need for Men’s Rights :


In the end, I would just like to mention that if feminists really were gender equality activists then there would not have been any ground for men’s rights activists to talk about injustice to men. In a way, we are the face of their failure. But Men’s Day isn’t an occasion for this negativity. It is to celebrate manhood without any guilt, without any sense of superiority, without any strain of stress about being a man.


Belated wishes on Men’s Day to all.


-Amit Deshpande


Vaastav Foundation, Mumbai

All India Men’s Helpline SIF-ONE – 8882 498 498

30 Comments on Explanation to images Indiatimes had withdrawn

  1. All facts about Men issues are real issue and India Times did a welcome job to publish it, India Times just withdrawn real issues mere pressure of some group shows that India Times lost their values and become like other magazine with no back bone.

    I as a regular reader of India Times condemn the act and cowardness of India Times withdrawing the real issues of not only men but society at large.

    India Times – Plz be bold and re publish the article !!


  2. It is really sad and pityful that a wave of perception is created by some feminists and it is successfully able to silence the little voices of truth and reality that some media boldly attempts to cover.

  3. Hussein Ali Abbaszadeh // November 27, 2015 at 4:21 pm // Reply

    Excellent !! Well written, clearly explains the true scenario of today’s society in which Men are at mercy of Gender biased laws, feminists and Govt. who turns blind eye to the pain & suffering of men and their families. Media too plays role of mute spectator and ignores the plight of those who suffer. Wish IndiaTimes had not bowed down under pressure to withdraw something which portrayed nothing but the TRUTH

    Hope the Country awakens to see where are we heading by hating MEN.
    Men are not born criminals so pls dont tag them as such

  4. Man should also get equal rights in society

  5. #LawAgainstMen are responsible to create biases against men and for criminalizing innocent men. Because of #LawMisuse by fraud women, innocent men, their sr citizen parents are being harassed in multiple fakecases and jailed. The Dowry and rape laws misused badly. Either government should scrap these black laws or there should be sterner punishment clause on fakecases. This #LegalTerrorism should be stopped without further delay.

    Thanks to the writer of this wonderful article which will shut the mouth of feminists.

  6. Amit amazingly covered all issues. Point by point answer to #feminist & TOI. This write up has really present Men’s right & need in very well mannered. I wish #feminist #media #lawmaker should realise soon that #fakecases r not less thn #terrorist attack in #IndianFamilyValues . I appeal to all to fight and to scrap draconian law 498a because its against Mother Sister Daughter of our country.

  7. Men are Human too.

  8. Good work. Keep it up.

  9. excellent and so true

  10. Excellent Amit.
    I most cases these biased laws are used as a tool to extort money from innocent men and their family.
    Due to fake cases, Men looses their prestige, their savings and also their job, as they have to run court to lawyers in order to get justice.
    many man can’t take the burden of court cases and end up in suicide.
    If there had been a strict punishment for filing false cases, then number of pending cases in court gets laser and men could have avoided taking suicide step.

  11. Tasteful Insults // November 27, 2015 at 7:30 pm // Reply

    Very well written article. Precisely explain how the feminist gang in India tries to pressure the media who dares to highlight the flip side of the story.

    Husbands in india is in such a sorry state that they have no option but to live with their adulterous wife even after knowing all the details of the extra martial affair.

    Marriage in India in no more scared it’s just a bussiness now a days of fake cases and husband harassment to extort money.

    I would not be surprised to see that marriages in India would a thing of past down the line in few years.

    I hope that government also considers view of half the population of this planet that are men’s.

  12. Very well written article @antidespondent.Where is the like button for this post? :p
    When you want to address men’s issues it’s anti-woman. #Illogical
    Equal human rights for everyone without the need for any stupid “ism” is the way to go.

  13. its embarrising that govt. knowing the fact not doing anything.
    misusers should be equally punished is only solution.

  14. Kartik Kumar Varman // December 2, 2015 at 2:39 pm // Reply

    Laws & rules should be equal for all & not gender biased. Laws should be drafted in such a way that they cannot & should not be misused.

    Any offender should be definitely punished irrespective of gender.

    We vouching for justice to men and their families doesn’t mean that we are anti women. We are equally sensitive to women’s issues & treat them with the highest regard.

    But its disturbing to know that the misuse of laws (specially created to protect women) have reached alarming levels as quoted by the Supreme Court of India & various Govt statistics.

    Women have several government bodies & govt sponsored funds to address their issues but men don’t have any. In fact our country even has ministries for forests and animals but no ministry to address men’s issues.

  15. Savita thorat // December 2, 2015 at 2:43 pm // Reply

    Well written, everyone should get justice irrespective of gender. If any laws are
    gender biased then it should be scrapped and need to be revisited

  16. Prashant Padave // December 2, 2015 at 2:43 pm // Reply

    It seems that currently the Laws are being made under political pressures & I don’t see any uniformity for Society. By introducing such Laws, our constitution is empowering specific group of gender which is going to destroy FAMILY culture & FAMILY STRUCTURE in Indian Society. It seems that before happening the LOVE, one should also know Legality. I think, we are moving towards seriously dangerous situation.

  17. Balraj Sahni // December 2, 2015 at 2:52 pm // Reply

    Critical message that must be disseminated widely. A lot of people still do not understand that abuse of men can coexist with women abuse. No one is claiming absence of one or the other, but selectively ignoring one cannot take any society towards equality. #LawAgainstMen must be trashed and gender neutral provisions put in place.

  18. Today’s conditions are inhuman for Men. Men are under constant threat, be it at home, office or in public places as they can be entrapped in variety of false allegations/cases.

    A typical example is the recent Bangalore child rape example where after 3 years of badgering & mindless torture to the ‘perpetrator’ it’s come out that the little child was only suffering from urinary infection, rest eveything was a figment of imagination of the child’s mother. The worst part is that even the police had found out that the ‘perpetrator’ wasn’t even around the school premises that day.

    There are many such examples where men are treated as scapegoats and are projected as stone hearted without feelings or pain.

    Feminists are nothing but Extremists coz it’s one thing to fight for the rights of women but it’s completely cruel to blame Men for the lack of it & try to cover the pain Men are going through and their suicide statistics.

    Be fair, Live & let live!

    Indiatimes is running scared of feminism and hence has withdrawn an article for Men is totally condemnable.
    They should rise against oppression vide any means and be bold in their dharm of Journalism.

  19. It’s irony of life. We all say it men dominating society but truth is men are also victims of women’s dominance.
    In India woman are given more importance in court of law. Nobody checks factual evidence all go by emotional story. Most of the cases against men are false.
    Where will they go for justice.
    Law need to take strict action against false cases.

    In today’s world man and woman are both equal and law need to treat them uniformly.

  20. Great article on men’s rights. #BiasedMedia still following feminists.

  21. Hmmm..seems clear and wise thoughts, but point is why Indiatimes withdrew the article and that too apologised? Its 21st century and men are human too and what we are asking is equality i.e. treat Men as Humans

  22. Facts being so, let us see for how long these feminists with the help pf conniving media are able to stifle the voices of men?

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  24. All facts about Men issues are real issue and India Times did a welcome job to publish it, India Times just withdrawn real issues mere pressure of some group shows that India Times lost their values and become like other magazine with no back bone.

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